The Setup

Album: Nine Kinds of Pain (2004)

Song: Nine Kinds of Pain

Bitrate: 192kbps

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From the remains of Thumbs Down comes the Setup, a brand new hardcore outfit that sets out to invade the world with a unique blend of aggression, killer riffing and melodies that will stick like glue.

After it became clear Thumbs Down was going to break up, long-time members Raf, Andries and Benjamin all three decided they were going to do something new right away. They got a line up together by adding long-time friend of the band Christophe (ex-Nilghai).

In the fall of 2002, the four of them started writing songs without any idea of what was going to come out or without having a singer. They only had one intention, rediscovering the one thing that made them do this for so many years. hardcore.

After a couple of months trying all kinds of singers, a logical and great one was found, Dries, frontman of one of Belgium's biggest hardcore-acts Circle was interested in taking the job and perfected the line-up.